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Breakdown of the DVD:

1.How to Rest when a Break is needed

Starts at 1:53

2.YOGA Movement to Sculpt the Entire Body

Starts at 4:17

3. Yoga Movement to Burn Fat

Starts at 21:24

4. Yoga Movement to Relax and Restore

Starts at 35:00

5. Yoga Flow Movement

Starts at 58:45

6. Improving Your Flexibility

Starts at 1:39:40

7. How SuperHumanYogi Opens His Hips

Starts at 1:50:30

8. How SuperHumanYogi Opens His Back and Shoulders

Starts at 2:16:21

9. How to Sculpt the Biceps with YOGA

Starts at 2:30:02

10.How to Sculpt the Arms with yoga

Starts at 2:34:54

11. How SuperHumanYogi Builds Core and Shoulders Strength

Starts at 2:43:57​​